Danganronpa Another Episode

12219350804_a5f40ce07cChildren, by nature, have a tendency to be greedy, self-absorbed, and inconsiderate. They can even be downright violent. But it’s also believed that, as ill-mannered and temperamental as they can be, kids still have a base morality that prevents them from causing grievous harm. While the thought of children turning homicidal is enough to send chills down your spine, it’s a reality in Ultra Despair Girls, a third-person action spin-off from the Danganronpa series.

Ultra Despair Girls begins with a scene of an average, completely non-noteworthy high school girl, Komaru Naegi, lounging around her apartment in Towa City. Though she is a normal girl, her situation isn’t: she’s been held captive in this apartment by unseen forces for quite some time. The day finally comes when she is freed from her captivity, but this kicks off another struggle for Komaru. Towa City is overrun by a massive army of deadly, bear-like robots called Monokuma, and a group of children calling themselves the Warriors of Hope are staging the bloody revolution, inciting the city’s youth to murder adults and transform the city into a

Minecraft Story Mode Episode Two

minecraftAfter a plodding first episode, Minecraft: Story Mode wastes no time in getting to the good stuff in its latest installment. Episode Two is an incident-packed, propulsive adventure that again feels quintessentially Minecraft, both in how it taps into the game’s lore and the huge community that has sprung up around it.

(Watch out–there be story spoilers below. If you want to go into this episode fresh, skip to the last paragraph. Read our review for Episode One here if you want to catch up on our thoughts so far).

This episode’s intention to move quickly is evident from the get-go, placing you (as lead character Jesse) in a minecart speeding through the Nether. Your partner in the cart is determined by which member of the famous Order of the Stone you decided to pursue at the end of Episode One. If you decided to try and track down Magnus the Griefer, then burly Axel is your wingman, but if you went for Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer, then inquisitive Olivia is your partner. Both of these paths offer engaging

What makes Pokemon so damn good

At age six, Professor Oak introduced me to this crazy world where adorable electric rats can fight sentient piles of toxic sludge while forgetting his own grandson’s name. Seventeen years later, I still power on one of the first three generations of Pokémon, pack up some potions, and proceed to kick Gary’s snobby ass all over again. Somehow, as of 2016, this franchise is 20 years old, and it seems to only be getting bigger.

So why is this series so addicting and why does it have so much staying power? What is it about a game about a bunch of ten year olds using local wildlife for gladiatorial combat that makes children and grown men alike giddy? My guess is that the mechanics tap into several powerful intrinsic human motivators that build our emotional attachment in the game world. While things like character design, music and more all contribute to the total package, it’s how we insert our own desires, motivations and feelings into the game that makes it so gratifying.


The first humans were probably obsessive collectors of things they actually needed-

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One of the most anticipated match that has

Diablo 3 Console Issues Being Investigated by Blizzard

Diablo III’s big 2.4 update brought a new area and changes to seasonal characters, but it seems it’s also brought performance issues to the console versions of the game. Some of these issues include frame rate drops and button lag. Players who have noticed this might be happy to know that developer Blizzard is looking into the issue.

A player took to the forums to report the issues he’d encountered with Diablo III after the 2.4 patch. Soon enough, other players started echoing the complaints. Blizzard community manager Andrew Kauz replied, saying that the developer hasn’t been able to reproduce the issues people are having. Kauz asks players to reply to his post with information in order to help the team at Blizzard pinpoint what’s causing the issues and fix them.

The following information has been requested:

  • Platform (Xbox One or PS4)
  • Region (US, Europe, etc)
  • Character Class
  • Skills used
  • Are you playing solo or party? If party, with how many other players?
  • Do you notice this at specific in-game locations?
  • For those experiencing menu issues, what menus?
  • Description of performance issues. Is framerate dropping constant? Do you notice it sometimes more than others? Do you notice it when performing certain tasks?
  • Is there any other information you think could be

Mortal Kombat X Beta Coming Soon to Test Newly Improved Online Play

As series creator Ed Boon teased yesterday, NetherRealm Studios is working on improvements for Mortal Kombat X’s online play. Things will kick off with a beta, sign ups for which will begin next week.

The beta will feature the “new and improved online play,” according to community manager Tyler Lansdown. It’s doing this by “mov[ing] away from the dynamic input latency model towards a model that preserves the feel of an offline game more accurately while playing online and maintains a consistent input response.”

That sounds great, but exactly how is NetherRealm planning to accomplish that? As Boon’s tease suggested, the studio is moving to a model that is “similar in function” to GGPO, the acclaimed predictive netcode system used by a number of other fighting games.

This “can be described as a ‘roll back, simulate forward’ model,” Lansdown explained. “This means that our engine will no longer have to wait for both players to agree on input before drawing its results to the screen. This creates a smoother gameplay experience and diminishing the feel of lag in online play.”

Beginning on Tuesday, January 19, you’ll be able to sign up to take part in the upcoming beta on the Mortal

Tokyo Funderworld

Diving back into Japan’s criminal underworld with Yakuza mainstay Kazuma Kiryu as its narrative anchor is like jumping into another season of a well-received cable TV drama. It usually doesn’t take eight years for a show to reach its fifth season but Yakuza 5 was worth the wait. It even manages to be more feature-rich than its predecessors thanks to a robust set of stories and minigames spread across multiple urban districts across Japan. Savoring Yakuza 5 is about being pulled in by not only its woven plotlines and energetic combat, but also the numerous activities that bring its world to life.

Just like the games of Brendan McNamara (The Getaway, L.A. Noire), the Yakuza series has always belonged at that end of the urban open world game spectrum where gameplay takes a backseat to story. We’re talking about Metal Gear Solid levels of exposition through lengthy cutscenes. Yakuza 5’s heavy themes of honor among criminals and workplace loyalty are aptly presented through the lens and production values of a big budget TV show, and you’d be hard pressed to come up with any game outside this series that features this much melodramatic piano music.

If there’s one key feature

Electric slide

The original Amplitude created quite a legacy. Its engaging beat-matching template and memorable, eclectic soundtrack not only laid the foundation for developer Harmonix’s future projects–including, of course, all the Rock Band games–it also became a cult classic revered by early music gaming aficionados. Now Harmonix has crafted an Amplitude reboot that successfully revives those hyper-engaging mechanics, though its lackluster song catalog undercuts the quality of the gameplay.

For those who missed Amplitude in the early aughts, here are the basics: you blast notes in time with the music as your sci-fi-looking ship rockets down a psychedelic highway. That highway consists of multiple parallel lanes, each of which represents a different sonic element such as drums, bass, or vocals. Each lane contains only left, right, and middle notes, but in order to really rack up points, you must strategically switch between lanes as the song progresses. Every time you miss a note or complete a preset sequence, your current lane falls away into the abyss below, leaving you precious little time to flip over to a new lane.

Like most of the best arcade-style experiences, Amplitude proves accessible and instantly rewarding upfront but always encourages you to continue chasing your